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7 October 1943 ב"ה


Dear Zwi עמ"ש

As you know I recieved your letter and I was very pleased with it.  I was waiting for Fay ת' to write to you about the tragedy.

We were very pleased to hear that you like it at Kvutzat Yavne.  I imagine the life in kibbuz is very interesting.  Your matriculation is coming near now, we wish you all the luck and hope you will be successful.  I have seen the photo of you, it is hard for me to imagine you so grown up, since now when I think of you I allways think of the little Hershi with the smiling face.  I suppose we have all changed and I wish we could be with our dear mother ת' together soon.  Let us hope it won’t be long now.

We ב"ה have a lot of נחת from our dear little Ruthy ת', she is very sweet and is the image of Chaim נ"י, a good and happy little thing.  Last week she cut her first two teeth and we were so thrilled when we discovered them.  Ruthy ת' stands up properly now, and it won’t be long בע"ה before she will walk.  Chaim נ"י is still very busy on important war work.  I think married life is very nice and we are very happy.  We wish you a happy new year and hope this war will come to an end soon.

Give my regards to the family.


Chaim Sara & Ruthy


       Nachas – pleasure.

       This was written shortly before Yom Kippur, which fell out on 9 October that year.

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