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4th November 1943 ב"ה


My dear Zwi עמ"ש

It is quite a long time since I last heard from you.  I hope there are some letters on the way for me.  I am just now in the factory.  We are having a short break, and I thought I’ll fill it in with writing to you.  There is nothing very much to write about, really.  I have not been up to London for some weeks, so I am going to spend the coming week-end with Sara and her family.  I have also arranged to meet Naftali.  I hope they have written to you.  Please write more often.  By the way, do you know what happened to all our photos.  Are they by any chance in Palestine.  Answer me about that in your next letter, please.  Everybody here is o.k.  They all send theyr love to you.  Will write more next time.  How are the aunts and uncle?  Please write about them.

Yours with Love


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