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25 November 1943


Dear Sisters and Brother עמ"ש

It is quite along time, I did not write to you.  I have been really very busy to prepare myself for the metric examination.  I had to learn all the classes of grammar scholl during a few months.  Of all subjects, I had a lot to study: all the Jewish and general history from 1500 BCE up to this days, algebra, arithmetics up to higher mathematics, and so on.  Now I am glad to let you know that I passed through the examination successfully.  I got the second price of distinction – a stependium for studying at the university.  The examinations were rather difficult.  They took a forthnight.  I spent all that days at Jerusalem, and now I returned to Yavne, in order to work agricultural work by direction of the university, for a few months.  אי"ה next year I’ll start studying at the university.  I had intented to learn now at a Yeshiva.  But I had to postpone it unto a few months later, because the season of incubating is beginning now, and I have got to work here in the poultry-house by assignment of the university.  I like it here very much.  I wrote you just little about the life in the kibbuz.  I trust I’ll write more about, next time.

I received quite a number of letters from you, in the last time: airgraphs from Sara and Tuly שיח', two airgraphs and an air-mail letter from Fay תח'.  That is allright; I hope you all will continue writing regularely.  You can hardly imagine how glad I am at any letter I get from you.

Sara ת', I asked you many times yet for a photo of you and of dear Ruthy תח'.  I am waiting for it longing.  Tuly, I thank you very much for your dear letter.  Please, write more about yourself, next.  I am curios about everything, in what Yeshiva do you learn?

Now dear Fay: First, I’ll answer to your questions.  I communicated to Uncle Pinyu נ"י this sad news about Uncle Hershel ז"ל, and he told Aunt Gitel תח'.  Afterward they let Chane Hinde תח' know too.  They took it comperatively well; they rather guessed it before.  Now as to our photos, I think I have seen them at Chane Hinde, but I am not sure about.  Moreover, I was very glad to hear that you like your job and got accustomed to it.  Please! do tell the others to write me more often!  I am waiting now for a letter from dear Esther תח'.  She didn’t write for a long time.

I hope to write, next time, more about my financial conditions.  Give my best regards to all the family!  And let me hear the best news of you soon.

Yours truely brother


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