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To my dear aunt and uncle עמ"ש –

First of all, I must confirm that I received 18 lira that you sent me via Bank Mizrachi.  I thank you for this.  I promptly transferred this amount to the university fund and thereby finished paying my tuition fees.

I met Shmuel נ"י a few more times.  He has ב"ה succeeded in arranging his exams and in contacting his professor, and he travelled on Sunday, may it be a good and successful hour.

I met Geulah Werfel and I received from her greetings from Yisrael נ"י.  She told me a lot about him and had much praise for him.  He is a very pleasant person indeed.  As for his wedding, she thinks that he will wait until after the war because he is very seriously considering aliyah and will find his mate here.  It is very difficult to find someone in England….  They stayed and ate several times with Aunt Sarah תח'.  They have a very nice house.  They also visited Gitel תח' in Letchworth.  She apparently also spoke with Feige תח'.  They also live in a very nice house. 

As for my matter, she advised that I speak first with Dr. Kurtz and he will present me to Rabbi Fishman.  That is indeed what I did.  I went to Dr. Kurtz and he did not think this was at all relevant to Rabbi Fishman, and he could not help me at all in this matter, because Rabbi Fishman is not a member of Mizrachi’s Central Committee.

And thus I returned once again to Mr. Bizinsky (Secretary of Mizrachi’s Central Committee) and he tried, after my request and explanation, to speak with Moshe Shapira again, but did not achieve any positive results.  Moshe Shapira is adamant that he will give me 3 lira a month, but only as a loan.  That is to say, he will connect me with the loan department of HaPoel HaMizrachi and I will need to sign documents.  The return of these sums will not be linked to any set time, but rather I will need to pay them back gradually after I complete my studies.

Clearly, I do not now know whether I am able to agree to these conditions.  30 lira a year (for 10 months of study), in total 120 lira is a substantial sum even nowadays, all the more so after the war, אי"ה.  And I do not know if I can accept upon myself such a thing.  On the other hand, I will have no alternative.

I will also try to ask David Intriligator to turn to Moshe Shapira.  Perhaps he can achieve more, though the chances are very slim.  Do you have any advice?  And what do you think about this whole notion?  Can I accept upon myself to sign documents?  Please send me your thoughts on this matter as soon as possible, as I must know how to proceed.

I have already made an arrangement with the Youth Aliyah ב"ה.  I will receive a set budget of 3 lira monthly from them from now on.

I anticipate your speedy reply.


Zwi Weinstock

PS: Regarding Chana Hinde I have not heard anything.  I don’t come to those areas at all.  And I am very sorry that I cannot now help her in this matter.

The aforementioned.


       Piniu and Gitel Mosel.  This undated letter must have been written before Chane Hinde Weinstock’s death on 23rd February 1946 (since near the end it mentions her as being alive) and indeed before Yisrael (Srulik) Weinstock’s engagement reported in Feige’s letter of 26th November 1944 (in view of the comments of Geulah Werfel that it refers to).  Although Feige’s letter of 5th December 1946 also refers to her having spoken with Geulah Werfel in England, that was in November 1946 so the visit referred to here must have been another, earlier, one.

       The daughter of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Fishman (who later changed his name to Maimon) and wife of Yitzchak Werfel (who later changed his name to Rafael), who used the pen-name Geulah Bat-Yehudah.

       Weinstock, then still living in England.

       Immigration to Palestine.

       Mother of Yisrael Weinstock.

       Guggy Grahame.

       Rabbi Yehuda Leib Maimon, founder of Mossad Harav Kook, who would later be one of the writers and a signatory of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, who recited Shehecheyanu at the completion of its recitation, and served as a minister in Israel’s first government.

       Bezalel Bazak, as confirmed by his grandson Rav Amnon Bazak of Yeshivat Har Etzion, Alon Shevut.

       This is apparently Haim-Moshe Shapira, a signatory of Israel’s Declaration of Independence and Interior Minister and Minister of Religion, among other government posts.

     This is apparently David Beit-Aryeh, founder of the Religious Youth Village, a pioneer of the Religious Kibbutz movement, and a member of the Mizrachi Central Committee. The name seems to be spelled Intrigdelor in the letter, but given that Zvi might have known Intriligator (Beit-Aryeh) from the Youth Village, it seems likely that it is the same person, even if he wrote the name incorrectly.

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