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5th January 1944 ב"ה


My dear brother עמ"ש!

You can’t imagine how pleased I was with your letter.  Especially since you had not written for a comparativly long time.  I understand you must have been very busy, but please do not let it happen again.  I was really very worried.  Congratulations for the way you passed your metric.  I am really very proud of you.  I hope you’ll like your work at the poultry-house.  Aunti Chane Hinde ת' wrote to Uncle Berl נ"י about you having given a speech in the kibbutz at some occasion.  She was praising you very much, and we where all very pleased about it.  Why don’t you ever write about these details?  Nothing would interest us more.  Everything is going all right with us.  Sara, Chaim and Ruthy came to stay with us for the Chanuka week-end.  It was really very nice.  We enjoyed it immensely.  Ruthy ת' is ever so lovely, and a very good child too.  Leo took some snaps of her.  Sara ת' is going to send you some.  She’ll be a year next week.  It was 2 years yesterday Sara ת' got married.  Time does fly.  If only our dear mother ת' would know about this, and how well we all are ב"ה she would be so happy.  השי"ת should look after her, and keep her safe for us.  Let us hope for the best.

Ester has holiday from school for a couple of weeks so she went to London to stay with Sara ת'.  She is having a very nice time.  Tully is all right too.  I do not see very much of him and he is not too keen on writing letters.  So we just meet occasionally, when I go up to London.  The rest of the family are ב"ה very well too.  Martha and Marcel are grown up, practically.  Do you remember them at all?  By the way, Uncle Berl sent you some money.  I think it was 10 pounds.  Did you receive it?  Hoping to hear from you very soon, and wishing you all the very best.

Yours with love


P.S. Regards to our relatives.  How often do you see them?


Dearest Zwi

Congratulations to your great success.  We were all very glad to hear the good news and we do feel proud of you.  I hope you will allways be successful in your undertakings and do wish you the best of luck.  Best regards and all good wishes.



        Hashem Yisborach – G-d, may He be blessed.

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