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2 February 1944


Dear Zwi עמ"ש

We all where very proud to hear that you have passed the examination successfully, and we congratulate you and also on winning the stipendium for the university.  I am very curios to hear more about your live in Kibbuz.  How do you like the work in the poultry-house?  Do you start work early or late when it is not so hot?  Does the climate worry you much?  Are there people you know from Vienna?  Did you ever hear anything about the Stadtmauers?  I hope you had news from our dearest mother, we have not hear at all.

Chaim’s work becomes more important and so more interesting daily.  He is engaged on aircraft research work and travels around the country to visit diferent factories.  It is a very interesting job.  He is one of very few experts in wooden aircraft.  In his spare time he carries on with his inlaid pictures and he is hopping to complete another exhibition soon.

Ruthy ת' is ב"ה getting on lovely; she says daddy, mummy and several other words.  She also is toddling about.  I will keep my promise and send you photos of us very soon.

We wish you the best of luck for whatever you undertake to do.  Please send my love to the Familie, and do write good news soon.

Yours truly

Sara, Chaim & Ruthy

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