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3rd April 1944 ב"ה


Dear Zwi עמ"ש!

I am just going to make this a short letter, to tell you I have received your air-graph from 13th February.  I work rather long hours in the factory, and now, being before פסח I have to help in the House, so there is very little spare time.  You have surely received the telegram and money Tully send you.  He is going to stay with Sara for פסח1.  As to the money (£10) I mentioned before, Auntie Chane Hinde has got it, she accknowledged the receipt of it, but, as she sais in a letter to Uncle Berl, she does not think you need it now.  So, in case you do, you know who to ask for it.  She probably thought it will be safer with her.  By the time you’ll get this letter י"ט will be over.  I hope you spend it nicely.  Write and tell me all about it.  Will write a long letter next week.

Love to all.



Esti sends her love.


       Pesach – Passover.

       Yom Tov – Festival, in this case Passover, which fell that year on 8-14 April.

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