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May 15 1944 ב"ה


My dear Zwi,

It seems I have always got to start my letters to you with an apology.  Although I always mean to answer straight away, but somehow there is so much to do.  Nevertheless I think of you very often, and wonder what exactly you are doing, while I am in the factory or where ever it may be.

We here are all o.k.  Our little niece is growing up a lovely child.  Sara and Chaim are both very well and very happy, thank G-d.  They had a telephone build in, new last week.  That is very nice, much better to keep in touch with each other, while Chaim is out working.  He has a very nice responsible job in a very big air-craf factory.  I phoned her this afternoon.  She was having visitors and was very busy, as usual.  Theyr flat is lovely.  I took 2 days off from work last week and stayed with them.  I enjoyed it very much.

Tully and Esti are very well too ב"ה.  They will write about themselves.  We have finished with night-work in our factory.  I am pleased for that.  Now that the weather is nicer and the evenings are longer it is much better.  I have been doing it for a year, forthrightly, that was enough. 

I’ll have a weeks holiday soon.  I’ll spend it in London I think, with a friend of mine.  I’m looking forward to it.  We’ll go swimming, play tennis, see some shows and pictures.  It makes a change.  Do you do any sports at all?  Do you sometimes see a picture or a play?  If so, please write and tell me about it.  Or can you not spare the time?  Do you ever read books, apart from your studies?  What?  Tell me what lectures you attend in the evening.  When will you start in the Yeshiva?  Have you made many good friends, or do you like keeping to yourself more?  Please answer all my questions.  Write as soon as you can.  I love to read your letters.  I wish there would be more of them.  So long, little brother.  I’ll sign off for now, hoping you are in good health.

With love


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