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May 24th, 1944 ב"ה


Dear Zwi עמ"ש,

This is an answer to your letter written May 5th wich I received yesterday.  I posted 3 air-graphs to you on May the 15th.  Though I send them to your old address I suppose they have been send on to you.  I was very pleased to hear you are settled satisfactorily in the Yeshiva.  How are you managing financially?  Let me know.  What exactly are you learning?  If you see or write to the aunties, tell them not to worry, everybody is all right.  Uncle Berl has never been a good letter writer, and I think he won’t change as far as that is concerned.  I suppose I ought to write to them sometime, but not having done that for such a long time, makes it all the more difficult to start.  Do give them my love, and Uncle Pinju too.  I’ll let that be all for now, hoping there is a long letter from you on the way for me.  Ester sends her love.  Best wishes and good luck.


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