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2 June 1944


My dear brother לאי"ט,

You have surely read the letters I sent to Uncle Berl נ"י and to Feige תח', in which I thanked you for the telegram and the money you sent me. I was indeed very happy to receive these from you.  However – as I have written to you previously – I would be much happier to receive a detailed letter from you, in which you tell me about your situation and wellbeing, about your daily life and your thoughts for the future.  It has been a long time that I have not received any letter from you and I am very curious to know what you are up to.

If I am not mistaken, you wrote to me in your last letter that you were about to learn in a Yeshiva.  Did you in fact realise this plan of yours, or did you again start looking for another job?  It seems to me that you have already tried your hand at quite a few different professions, and you must have already chosen the work that suits you as a profession.  Choosing a profession determines, more or less, your path in life.  So, I would be very curious to learn what is the profession that you have chosen?  And what are your hopes for the future?

You surely recall that you wrote to me once that you wanted to choose a profession that would be appropriate for the conditions in the land of Israel, as you plan to move here after the war  אי"ה.  Is this a serious and realistic thought in your eyes?  And what do our sisters and the whole family think about that?

You have written me very little about your life generally, about your environment and about your friends in particular.  I am very curious about all this.

I hope that you will want to bring me this great joy and favour me with the patience to set aside a brief time to write a comprehensive, detailed letter about everything I asked you, and to make a monthly habit of it.  I am well aware that this requires significant effort, especially for you since you are not in the habit of writing letters.  However, “will conquers all,” and I know that you have always been blessed with strong will.

I have written you about my situation and wellbeing in my previous letters.  I am progressing nicely in my studies at the Yeshiva, ב"ה.  The method of learning in this Yeshiva is like in the Lithuanian Yeshivos.  You have surely heard of these Yeshivos.  It is quite a different method of learning than in Nitra.  Here there is a lot of dispute and argument.  The lively, deep learning, enhanced with sharp analysis, provides much satisfaction to all participants.  I live in a nice, comfortable room along with another student, and I am very pleased.  I also earn a little bit of money by giving a few private lessons.

I hope to write to you in my upcoming letters more detailed descriptions of my life in the Yeshiva.  Please send my regards to the entire family and please encourage our sisters תח' to write more.

         With blessing and friendship,

                     From your brother who is loyal to you with heart and soul



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