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17th August 1944 ב"ה


My dear Zwi עמ"ש,

Two weeks ago I sent you a letter by ordinary mail, because I enclosed some snaps.  I hope it will not be very long before you get it.  In the mean drive, this is just a short one to let you know everything is fine with us here.  Everybody is sending their regards to you.  I have explained about the change of my address in my last letter to you, but in case you have not got it yet, here it is in short.  I have moved away from Guggy and I am now living with a very good girl-friend of mine.  She works in the same place, we are the same age, and understand each other well.  We thought (she was living under similar conditions) it is time we make ourself independent.  We like it very much and manage nicely.

Hoping you are keeping well and eagerly awaiting to hear from you again,

Your ever loving sister,


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