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                                                                                              March 15th 1945

Dearest Zwi,

This time I would like to follow your example for a change and write in German. I believe that for me as well it is years now since I last wrote in this language. It was only yesterday that I sent a letter off to you and this morning I received one from you.

Since I mentioned nothing concerning Israel’s wedding in my previous letter I would all the more like to write about it now. I arrived in Harrogate the evening prior to the wedding, and I found almost all the other guests already there. There were not many from our side: Berl and family, as well as the Grahams, Grodzinskis, etc. and a few of Isrolek’s friends. But Rachel has many uncles, aunts and cousins here, so it was a very nice and fun-filled gathering. Nice rooms etc were provided for all guests who had to stay overnight. Although the Winters have a fairly large hotel it was nevertheless not large enough to house all the guests and some were accommodated in the house across the street. On the next day – a Tuesday at 2 o’clock noon time - the nuptials took place in the Harrogate shul. The bride looked very pretty in a long white satin dress and veil. Leading the couple in were Recha and Berl and Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Winter, her parents. A few speeches were given and then they had a reception for friends and acquaintances. The dinner for the family began about 6 PM and was really wonderful: a few speeches at the table, quite a lot of entertainment, huge amounts of good food and drink. The couple left us at 10 o’clock and all of us continued to celebrate, sing and dance until midnight. Most of the guests, including myself, left the following morning. The couple stayed in Harrogate for one week and then left for a short honeymoon in Cambridge.

I am glad that you will be spending the Seder at dear Aunt Hinde. Please extend to her as well as to the others my heartiest greetings.  Since I now have no more room I will answer your other questions in the next letter.

Good luck for your exams. Please make your next letter at least as long as the previous one.      Keep well, darling, Love,


I’ll see that we all write to you together from London on פסח , especially Tully. Write German again, it seems more natural, somehow. I think you can do it extremely well.  I was surprised really.


        Pesach – Passover.

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