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April 12th 1945 ב"ה


Dear Zwi!

I am glad to hear that you are getting on all right and working yourself up.  As far as I am concerned there is not much to say.  I have tried quite a number of different things, but with England being at war there does not seem much of a possibility of having a suitable occupation.  Right now I am working in a nightclub as a wine butler.  I have seen quite a bit of England Scotland and Wales.  I travelled together with my friend Hager from Vienna.  I like seeing different places and hope to come to Palestine soon.  I live in London.  I have a nice apartment.  I see Kerzner quite often he is a manager of our photography studio, and his younger brother is doing war work.  Let me hear some more from you.

Best whishes,



Dear Zwi,

Somehow we did not manage to write all together on Pessach, one of us always seemse to be gone.  We really spend a very nice time together.  Now I’m back in Letchworth, and Tully came out here for a day or two, so we are writing now, and Sara and Ester will do so seperatly from London.  Did you get to Auntie Chane Hinde for the Seder as you anticipated?

By now I suppose you have passed your examination you said you where awaiting.  Was it successful?

It was quite a job to get Tully to write.  He does not like to write letters.  And because he had not written to you for such a long time it made it all the more difficult, he did not know where to start.  However, now that he has done so I hope he will keep it up.

I spoke to Isrolek on the phone the other day.  He is ב"ה very happy with his wife.  He asked me about you and I told him all you wrote in that nice long letter you send me some time ago.  Forgive this scribble, but I’m writing this at work, and rather in a hurry. 

The news is pretty good now.  It was in the paper this morning the Russians are fighting in Vienna and have got as far as the Praterstern on one side.  Imagine!!  I think they will have the town by to-morrow.

Write soon.

Lots of love,



       See letter from 9 August 1943 where Tuly states that he’s sure that Zvi remembers Norbert Kerzner.


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