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November 25th, 1945 ב"ה


Dearest Zwi עמ"ש

It has been quite a while since I last wrote to you, but there’s not been much to write about.  Uncle Berl sent 25 pounds off to you, I suppose you have received the money by now.

I spent last week-end with Uncle, Auntie and the children, it made a nice change for me and we all had lots of fun.  Marcel is 9 years old to-day.  He is having a party to celebrate.  I did not go up to London to-day, though I usually do on Sunday, but I have some work to do and also catch up with my correspondence.  Your letters usually go round to all the members of the family, and they all enjoy reading them.  Uncle Berl especially commented on the way you write German so well, and make your letters so interesting.

Please dont worry about Tully.  Believe me he is quite all right.  I had not seen him for two weeks when I accidently ran in to him last Monday in Piccadilly Circus, just as I was going to meet Auntie Recha in time to go and see a play (it was Lady Windermere Fan by Oscar Wilde).  He was just on his way to Bruce Castle with a friend.  He had changed his lodgings (a thing he often does) and is now working in diamond cutting and polishing again.  I keep on telling him to write to you, but he is a lazy writer, so be patient.

I was at Grahames this שבת .  For the time being they are going to stay here in Letchworth.  The 3 girls are lovely.

Auntie Sara is living with them for the moment.  The young couple Isrolek and Rachel are expecting a happy event very soon, I think January, and our Sara is also expecting a baby around the same time, ב"ה – company for Ruthy.  I suppose you know all that, anyway.  Do you??

Please keep on addressing your letters to Sara.  I’m hoping to move to London in a few weeks and I’m not sure about my address yet.

According to reports here, disturbances in Palestine have ceased.  Let us hope for good this time.  Although of course, our people cannot be blamed for not accepting the unsatisfactory terms given to us under the circumstances.  But still, we must not give up hope.

I wonder when we will ever be able to see each other again.  When I think back of home and all of us being together, it seems like part of an other world, and sometimes just like a dream.  I did not apreciate it then.  We took too much for granted, and now I often reproach myself for having been dissatisfied with little things, even then.

But enough of that, we must look the future in the face whatever it may be, and be thankful for small mercies.

Please dear Herschi, write soon, about yourself, your studies, ect.

Best regards to all!

Yours with lots of love,



Do you hear from Schmilek?


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