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13 January 1946


Dear Zwi!

I am sorry that I did not write to you all the time, but it is neglect on my part.  I read all your letters, and I am informed about you.  I am very pleased that you get on well with your studys, and I am sure that you will be succesful.  I am getting on very well with my diamond polishing, and I am only in it to have the trade in my hand and I intend to go into the diamond business later.  Chaim and Srulek are opening and factory making toys and other small wood articles.  As I read in the paper about aislitivies in Palestine, I am hoping that you look after yourself and don’t put yourself in danger.  Is it possible for you to become a Palestinian subject?  If it is it would be advisable to do so.  Wish Tante Hinde מזל טוב from me.  Srulek had a baby girl and the family is very happy.  Hoping to hear from you soon, and wishing you all the best.



Dearest Zwi,

Just a few lines from me this time, I’m in a hurry to get this letter off to you.  Your last letter was rather upsetting, although I must say we are quite well informed here about the very facts you pointed out.  Though of course the papers here as you know are not exactly truthful about it.  But since people from here are allowed to visit Palestine, we get good reports on the situation.  As Tully already mentions, we are rather anxious about you, so please, look after yourself for us.

Give my heartiest מזל טוב2 to Auntie.  We were all very pleasantly surprised.

The name of Rachel and Isrolek’s daughter is Miriam, a lovely baby.

Hoping to hear from you very soon.




       The intended word seems to be activities.

       Mazel tov.

       On her marriage to Rabbi Yakov Moshe Charlap.

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Fay & Tully

Fay & Tully


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