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9th May 1946 ב"ה


Dearest Zwi עמ"ש!

For weeks I’m now expecting to hear from you, but it seems I shall have to write, in case you are waiting too, one has to make a start.  I got the confirmation of your receipt of my last letter to you from Leo, who’s now been back for several weeks.

Needless to say, he was the messenger of this unspeakable tragedy, the loss of Auntie Chane Hinde ז"ל.  It is difficult to find adequate words to express one’s sorrow at any time, but circumstances as they were in this case certainly make one realise that we human beings, immaterial to our personal feelings and emotions, just have to go on living, accepting the good with the bad, without questioning.

What has become of our family?  Split up as we are, one slowly seems to follow the other in the inevitable.

Let us hope that this will be the last of the bad things that were to come and that only pleasant events will follow.

Please write as soon as you receive this, I’m anxious to hear from you.

What was your impression of Leo?  He thought quite a lot of you.

Please give my regards to auntie and uncle, etc.

How are the studies coming along?

Excuse the scribble, I’m in a post office and the pen is awful.

Love and kisses


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