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17th June 1946 ב"ה


Dearest Zwi עמ"ש,

For days I have been wanting to write to you, to answer your letter which got here about a month ago, but time just seems to fly by, not always permitting me to carry out my intentions.

I guess you must be working very hard just now before you take your final exams when the summer term comes to an end.  What is the number of students likely to be accepted to take “Physik" as a main subject, as against the number going in for it?  At any rate, knowing you, I’m sure you stand a pretty good chance.  Good luck.

Now, regarding the message you wanted me to pass on, the following, I’m afraid rather unsatisfactory is to be the answer.  Namely, Berl נ"י does not see himself in a position to give money from his own for a purpose such as this, he is already worring about Auntie Frimas financial situation, once she reaches Palestine, and will consider it for more important to help her.  I think, if it is a case of choosing between the two we can sympathise with this view.  However, Uncle tells me he wrote a very long letter to Auntie Gittel giving his opinion, and also explaining various details, so there is no need for me to enlarge on the matter.  Also he thinks, and rightly, that since it was Auntie Chane Hinde ז"ל own special will that you should get 100 pounds for saying קדיש for her, that this should be extended to you by selling some of her belongings and exchanging them for money.  In a letter in which Auntie Gittel writes about all the tragic and unhappy event, she asked Uncle Berl for a sum of 250 pounds, this being all the money she had had to lay out for expences, etc.  Althoug the share wich was suppose to have been for Auntie Chane Hinde ז"ל was long exausted according to uncle, he nevertheless send those 250 pounds off straight away.  A sum for which he was quite unprepared, and which happened to make matters worse, as far as the intended fund was concerned.  I suppose it is difficult for you to know how to put it to Rav Charlopp, maybe you can leave it to Auntie Gittel.  You’ll know best.

All this is unplesant to write about, but there it is.

Try and drop me a few lines, dear, however busy you are.  All is ב"ה well with us here.  I saw Tully to-day, he sends his love to you.  He will write.

I have a nice part-time job in an office, will write more about it next time.

Keep well always.





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