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September 15th 1946 ב"ה


My dear Zwi עמ"ש

Yes, it must be difficult for you to return to your little room in town, after having spent such a nice holiday in so wonderful a place.  Your description of Haifa was very picturesque, and reading it, it was as though I myself could see it.

By now, I suppose, you are rapped up in your studies once again.

It is Sunday morning now and the weather is lovely (that very rarely happens).  I’ve just been on the phone to Sara.  Chaim bought a nice car last week, and to-day, for the first time he is going to take Sara, the children and Esti out in in for a pic-nic.  They are all very thrilled.

That reminds me, Sara asked me to let you know, she wrote a letter to you, about three weeks ago, enclosing a photo of the children.  It was addressed to your Haifa holiday address and should have gone by airmail, but was by mistake send off by ordinary mail.  Have they got your Jerusalem address there?  If not, you better communicate with them.  Let us know if you got it all right.

You mentioned in one of your letters about Smilek having been demobbed.  We did not know that here.  (Uncle Beri writes very seldom, so in return he very seldom gets post from Auntie Gitel.)  What is he doing?  How are the chances of his mother coming there?

Does Uncle Pinju still come to Jerusalem on business?

I’ve now started to work full-time at my office and like it a lot.  5 days a week, from 9:30-6.  Not bad.

Have arranged to meet Naftali for lunch to-morrow, we sometimes do that.  Shall get him to drop you a few lines.  He would very much like to get out of this country, but all his attempts have been fruitless so far, so he is in rather a disappointed mood these days.

Thanks for your wishes, accept mine, for a happy and prosperous New Year, well over the fast, and all the very best, allways.




       Shmuel Schreiber

       Rosh Hashonoh took place on 26-27 September that year.

       Yom Kippur, which took place on 5 October that year.

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