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23 December 1940[1]


Precious children my all.

Please try to send me news of yourselves through the dear Mrs. Kupfermann. I received post through Pluznik only after 3 months. We are ב"ה doing quite well.

Chajcie’s address is Sabac Zanatlijska 3

Today I am also writing through Pluznik.

Kisses to all from my heart, from

Your Mama.

Regards to all.

Dear Mrs. Kupfermann !עמ"ש

Please send these lines to my dear children.  N.W.11. Hill Rise 24 Weinstock.



  [1]     These are apparently the “few lines for Mrs Kupfermann” referred to near the start of Chaye’s letter of 16 January 1941.  On that basis, together with the statement here “Today I am also writing through Pluznik”, a date of 23 December 1940 is suggested for this note, since that is the date of the letter from Chaye via Pluznik mentioned at the same time in that letter of 16 January 1941.

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Chaye Ides

Chaye Ides


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